25 November 2020

Desert Bloom or Pink For Me


today I have a 'battle' of two Maybelline lipsticks. I bought both on the same day and at first the colors look super similar but formulas are different so they also act different on the lips.

First red tube is Maybelline Hydra Extreme Desert Bloom and second in a more recognizable tube is Color Sensational Pink For Me.

The shades looks very similar but as I mentioned they look and behave different while worn.

First swatch is Desert Bloom and appears more peachy nude while Pink For Me is a deeper rose with almost a brown undertone.

Here you can almost see the the difference in the texture, Desert Bloom is much creamier almost glossy looking while Pink For Me is more pigmented and the pigments slowly eat all of the shine so after a while it looks semi matte on my lips.

I tried to wear both lipsticks at once to really see the differences but I messed up and swapped them so on the first part of my lips there is deeper Pink For Me and lighter Dessert Bloom follows. 

If I leave the shades behind and just focus on the texture Color Sensational Pink For Me lipstick is more pigmented and with two layers I reach maximum opacity. It doesn't completely settles so when I drink it leaves a distinct mark but the pigment is still in full swing on my lips. It doesn't survive eating but drinking with this baby on is effortless (the glass has marks but my lips don't have any gaps or weak pigmentation). It lasts for hours and only after eating I retouch it. My lips also didn't complain too much, after a long day they did felt a bit dry but nothing too noticeable.

The second part of my lips is covered with Maybelline Hydra Extreme Desert Bloom lipstick which is weaker in pigmentation. I rubbed it a couple of times over my lips to get decent pigmentation on but it is also a lighter color and closer to my natural lip shade so it is obvious that it doesn't show up super bold. It is much more shiny looking and after drinking there is not much pigment on the glass or the lips. I'm a bit bothered that my lips felt very dry and looked chapped after two/three hours of wearing it on its own.

I prefer the packaging of the Color Sensational lipstick but when it comes to the shade and finish I love the Hydra Extreme lipstick. I live for these type of almost glossy/tinted lip balm lipsticks (reviews of some tinted lip balms are coming), reapplying doesn't bother me that much and so I much prefer the Hydra Extreme lipstick but I have to keep a lip balm with me and apply it under otherwise my lips look very angry. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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