26 November 2020

Light Rose


for today I have one of the 'essential' products from my collection. I am a long time fan of Essence concealers and this one is no different.

It is Essence Camouflage + matt concealer in the shade Light Rose. I was scared that it would have a pink tone but I can't spot it, I think it just means that it isn't particularly yellow. To my vision it is pretty neutral and super light.

The packaging and the applicator is the same as it is on the Healthy Glow version which I'm very well familiar with and I love it. At first I was hesitant to get this matt version but then I decided to try out something new.

The shade is super light but it matches me, it is about half a tone lighter but I only use it around my eyes and it helps to even brighten this area.
I was really scared that matt formula means that it will be dry and will crease since the Healthy Glow version is perfect (it doesn't have any shimmer so I'm a bit confused as why one is matt and other healthy glow-y).

The packaging is exactly the same they just seem to focus more on the matt versions since they have more shades available. I seriously don't think it matters which version you get, just try to find the shade that matches you and you will be fine.

The formula is creamy enough to easily cover 'problematic areas', pigmented enough that you don't need much and with a light dusting of a powder it will be set and won't move around. I have particularly oily skin but my under eye area is normal to sometimes dry. On the last couple of days we had pretty cold weather and I haven't noticed any change in creasing or longevity of my undereye concealer. I even prefer Essence liquid camouflage concealer over the Catrice one in the similar styled tube and even that one is pretty great. I think Essence is crushing the game with its concealers and I hope they will never discontinue them, just bring even more shades and tones so we all can enjoy in it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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