30 November 2020



it is the end of another month. I can't believe November is already gone and tomorrow is already December. Christmas lights are everywhere, cold temperatures as sticking all day long, all we need is some snow...

First is Bebe Repair lip balm with cute Bees all over the tube. It convinced me immediately since I buy anything with Honey. The scent is very realistic (much better in my opinion than the Honey lip balm from Biobaza) and the formula was really nice as well. I would repurchase it again, it is not my favorite in terms of moisture (it is not bad but I had some better ones) but the scent is totally worth it.

Catrice Camouflage cream concealer in Ivory is a must in my make-up routine. The shade is spot on and this texture is soft enough to blend seamlessly into my skin and cover some stubborn acne plus the shade Ivory fits me perfectly.

Essence Bye, Bye Panda Eyes mascara was an absolute surprise. Honestly I did not expect much from it because it was my very first one from Essence and I wasn't sure it will suit me. It had a big wand which I normally like and the formula vise, it was my first tubing mascara. It gets removed super easily with just some water but otherwise it was very long lasting and there was no fall out. I really liked it and for sure I will repurchase it again. 

Evelin nail polish remover is a really inexpensive one that I already had before so this is already a repurchased bottle. Very efficient for very little money.

On of my favorite hand creams is this Avon care glycerin hand and nail Jasmin with vitamin E cream. It absorbs super fast and leaves my hands nourished and well taken care of. The scent is a bit soapy but also very light. At he moment this is the only care hand cream that they have in the 100 ml tube (the rest are 75 ml and cost the same). This is amazing hand cream for me and I will repurchase it for as long as they will have it.

Last is Ziaja body wash for kids. This is brown body wash and it smells just like Coca-Cola or Cockta (hence the brown color). This is gorgeous if you like this type of scents. I honestly didn't know I will love it so much. I am no longer a kid but little things in life brings me joy and this body wash was a blast. I already ordered a new bottle which will last me another 3-4 months (this is a large 500 ml bottle).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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