27 November 2020

Flirty Rose & Sheer You Up


me and my mom have a similar taste in lipstick formulas (not that we eat them ;) so I was pretty excited when she started to talk about these amazing lipsticks from Catrice. After a picture she send me I figured it out that she is talking about tinted lip balms but somehow they do feel like a light lipsticks. I immediately bought my first shade which was accidentally the same as my mom has and later I got myself another hue and I bought two, another one for my lovely mom so we can continue being 'lipstick' twins.

Here are two Catrice Sheer Beautifying lip balms with tint. I have them in Flirty Rose and Sheer You Up shades. They have carboard packaging which fits nicely (they close tightly) but I sometimes notice a paper scent while I'm applying them, luckily it disappears pretty quickly.

The Flirty Rose got a bit mushed but it is fine, they are a bit soft if you roll them all the way up so I tried to be careful and after taking pictures, I quickly roll them back safely.

Flirty Rose is pretty light shade and  at first it can look a bit pale even on me but after reapplying it a couple of times it gets better, at least in my opinion. This one can apply a bit uneven so rubbing my lips together after a fresh coat it will just mess it up so I try not to touch it.

A bit deeper Sheer You Up is my 'perfect' shade of rose/pink for my lips. A bit deeper to define but still light enough so it doesn't scream that I am wearing lipstick.
This shade doesn't apply patchy or uneven, I can also rub my lips together and the pigment will not transfer (it will transfer onto the glass, I'm talking about lifting and transferring the pigment around the lips).

On bare skin they are pretty light and a bit shiny, a lovely lip balm texture if you ask me.

After a long day wearing them I noticed that the lighter shade Flirty Rose leaves my lips dry and flakey (not a good look especially when the shade is so light which emphases every imperfection) but the deeper shade Sheer You Up doesn't do that. Apparently it is more moisturizing. 

On the top of each lid Catrice states that each balm is infused with an extra oil and after checking out the ingredient list there actually is a different oil in each shade besides different coloring.

Light Flirty Rose has Almond oil but the rose one Sheer You Up has Olive oil and my lips are really liking it.

I will use up the paler one but probably I will layer it with something more moisturizing, my lips don't need to suffer but the deeper shade is my new love. I was actually thinking of getting ether a backup or a new shade for black Friday but then I decided that I have enough. I will first finish these two and then get myself some more.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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