14 November 2020

Rosy Amber and A Little Bit of Base


I made only one shopping trip while Catrice had products on sale and picked up only two lip products before they got discontinued for good.

Catrice Generation Plump & Shine lip gloss in the shade Rosy Amber and Catrice multitalent lip primer in A Little Bit of Base.

I used to get clear lip liners to prime my lips but this Catrice one with a much bigger tip seem even more fitting for what I do because I fill in the entire lip. I used up my previous lip liner so I had no hesitations to get this primer. It fills my lips very quickly and it fills in any lines or conceal dry patches so whatever colored lip product I use on top comes out much nicer.


The second product is from my much loved lip gloss collection. I believe this is my fourth shade and while I wanted it for so long I feel like is my least favorite.
Rosy Amber is very light pinky/nude shade. I can't decide if it is more node or pink or more peachy because the color is so blended among all these shades.

Rosy Amber is like I mentioned pretty light and on this close up you can see what it does (I didn't wear primer underneath but if I would you wouldn't be able to see how the gloss accentuates my lip lines).
After wearing it for around 10 minutes it smooths over and it is not so obvious or I can just use lipstick underneath.

Here you can barely see the issue only because I'm standing a bit further away so the 'issue' isn't so big or dramatic because nowdays no one stays so close to me plus we are all wearing masks :)

Even though we have this current situation I still like to put some tinted lip product on while I go to work and reapply through the day, I guess it gives me certain feeling like everything is going to be okay if I keep the routine, I guess it keeps me sane and I love lip products :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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