02 September 2020

Project Polish


I haven't done project polish post in a while and I honestly don't know why it is taking me so long recently to finish up my nail polishes. I keep my nails painted and mostly I still use and rotate among the selected few but they seem to be bottomless bottles.

Anyway, I finally finished three more bottles.

First is lovely Depend Denim Blue. It is a lovely lavender hued blue with holo shimmer. A bit thin but still easy to work with it. I really like this one and the holo finish in general but I think this line of nail polishes is discontinued. Now I have one left from Catrice with similar finish and for now it will do.

Second is Misslyn Obsession which was gifted to me a long time ago. It has a black base with torquoise shimmer which comes to life on a bright sun. I liked to wear it in the Summer time despite the dark base. I don't have anything super similar but I can replace it with a shimmery dark blue and get somewhat similar effect.

The very last one is Essence Galactic Glam which is also a shimmery bomb and a very nice one. I love the green and gold shimmer because it makes it very special and like noting I already own. The removing process was a bit longer and my nails were left stained but I think it was worth it. If I will find a similar shade I will get it but I will try not to go hunting for it because I already have plenty of vanishes left.

This year I was gifted with one bottle, I didn't buy any and I am very happy about it. God knows I have too many and they are drying out and it makes no sense to get more at this time. I'm more than happy to play with what I already have and try to finish up bottle after bottle.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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