09 September 2020

Catrice loves Peta


I know this limited edition came out last year but it took me a while to properly test them out. I'm still creating this blog for me, to have some kind of a beauty diary, notes to myself and even if sometimes (quite a lot recently) I post some limited edition products a bit later, it is still okay for me.

Catrice loves Peta LE plumping lip color lipsticks in Have Mercy, Be Tender and Feel Good.

Have Mercy (peachy nude), Be Tender (pink-y rose) and Feel Good (mauve nude). There was one more shade in this plumping collection but it was too orange-peachy toned for me. There was also a whole collection of matte shades but since matte isn't my thing I didn't get any.

I love the glossy finish and they feel more like tinted lip balms. They are quite light in term of pigmentation but that doesn't bother me. I'm all about creamy-glossy barely there lipsticks and these thick pretty much all of the boxes for me.

On top of the cardboard lid they all have this Peta sign so I don't forget that this was just a limited edition collaboration and I can't get them anymore once I'm finished.

Have Mercy shade is the most delicate looking of them all. This nude number has some peach tones to it and also shimmer (the only one) and even though it is not obvious on the photo when I rub my lips together I can feel it. I think that the shimmer is unnecessary but still it is lovely everyday, easy to throw on nude shade.

Next is the pink toned Be Tender lipstick and at the same time it is the most 'out there' shade among the three. I like to wear it when I want my lips to be the first to notice even though it is subtle. I love the glossy finish and how comfortable they are, it makes me forget that I'm wearing some color.

The Feel Good shade is more of a mauve toned but on my naturally reddish toned lips it looks more of a brown nude. I think it is a beautiful color, very versatile but at the same time a little bolder than the first one and therefore can be the center of the attention.

For me these creamy-glossy lipsticks are some of the best out there. I absolutely love these light colors that feel more like lip balms and nourish the lips while I wear them. I love that the glossy feel stays on and doesn't disappear in minutes, I love how easy they are to reapply on the go and hydrate my lips. I bet they will be amazing in the cooler weather but I doubt my lips will get dry if I will wear them consistently.
I'm sad that they were only LE but recently they had another LE called Clean ID and their lipsticks had similar packaging but I wrongfully thought that they will actually join the regular stand and I didn't seek out for them :(   but in the new turnover they will have Clean ID ultra high shine lipsticks in 6 new shades and also in this super on trend cardboard packaging (not he biggest fan of paper material) but I will get through it if the formula will be the same. I hope it will be spot on in new color options because then I will get them all and also get some for my mom because I know she will love them too.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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