14 September 2020

Strawberry Kiss


lip balms are essential in my purse and I always have multiples open at the same time so I'm never without it. I think I could say that I'm addicted to it and dry lips are one of my nightmares. I have one lip balm that is my holy grail (the second one has recently been discontinued) and I'm trying to find some more amazing balms when this gorgeously scented one came my way.

Essence fruit kiss Strawberry Kiss caring lip balm with a lovely red tint.

There are three shades available in the stores (I think online there are a couple more) and I choose a medium red (on my photo it loos a bit more cool toned orange while in fact is more of a true red shade). They all have this frost finish that could go wrong but I think here it works, or at least I like it on myself. I gives a bit of unusual touch.

The scent is pretty unbelievable as well. This smells like fresh Strawberries and it is delicious (each smells like the namesake fruit). The texture is a bit harder and I have to work for it but the lovely red tint and the shimmer are so much fun. 

This balm isn't super moisturizing but I also don't reapply it all day long because I think that would be too much shimmer. I prefer to apply it two or three times and then reapply clear balm so it doesn't get too red. 

I checked other two shades and didn't really got my attention so I think I will stick with just this one for now. I think this makes for a nice lipstick alternative for a bit more casual days.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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