15 September 2020



I just got from my beach vacation and I seriously thought I will finish more SPF infused products but I took with me way too many bottles and use all of them, so no wonder I couldn't completely finish up many.

First is Milnica's Almond oil. I liked this thicker oil (it doesn't absorb super fast into the skin) on my face to help me remove my make-up but soon I realized that my skin doesn't like it which resulted in some new acne. I quickly switch it to my body and managed to finish it up. I like it but I prefer oils which I can use on my face and body so I won't be buying it again.

I purchased this sun protecting lotion for the face a while ago. It is Vichy ideal soleil SPF 50 emulsion mattifying face fluid with a dry touch. High protection and matte finish really caught my attention but unfortunately didn't work for me. At first it is greasy, just like any other SPF cream, it takes a while to settle and even then I had a feeling like my make-up doesn't sit well on my skin (it created a layer on my face so foundation couldn't grip and when my skin got oily it just moved around). It also has a non typical scent, more alcohol and something artificial, but then again I wouldn't be surprised if they would claim that they didn't add any fragrances to make it more pleasant. At the end I used it up on my arms and legs, far away from my face.

Avon care glycerine hand & nail cream with and vitamin E hand cream has to be one of my favorites. I love this light jet moisturizing formula and the scent is somewhat clean (like fresh soap), I don't get much floral. I think this is discontinued but I should have a backup or two left.

Krauterhof aloe very gel was somewhat failed purchase. I remember they had a really good deal if you get two of them (which I of course did ;). The first one is already gone and this is the second one and I'm overjoyed. Aloe vera gel from Fruits of the Earth is my favorite but can be a little expensive so I opted for this brand thinking I will get the same thing for less. I still remember when I applied a thick coat of it all over my face and after a couple of minutes my face started to tingle (it felt like my face is covered with tiny ants, not quite burning sensation but very unpleasant) I checked myself in the mirror and notice my face turned bright red (neck and chest areas where I also used the gel were normal). I quickly washed it off and promised myself that I will never again buy cheap aloe vera. I used it on my body and as a hair gel.

Next is my beloved Fruit of the earth aloe vera gel which is the best that I tried. This is the large bottle and it took me years to finish it up. There is no irritations just relieved skin. I love putting it into toners (it completely dissolves if you use little bit and amp up the moisturizing properties), under my oils, after sun exposure, on bug bites, on my hair (it is a fabulous hair gel, on its own or again you can mix it with some water and pour it into a spray bottle if that is your preferred way of applying it) and probably there are some more ways to use it but I can't think of at the moment. I already repurchased it but this time in a smaller tube.

The very last item is Avon advance technique sun-light spray beautifying hair protector with UV protection. It had this signature AT scent which I love and since I am slightly obsessed with applying SPF on my skin I thought why not protecting my hair? It turns out I would mostly forget about it and again it took me years to finish it up. Most of it was also used on a vacation where I used tons of it at once. I even added some shimmer in it (I crushed one of my older highlighters which I didn't love anymore) and finally this year it is gone. I don't think I will repurchase it again because I just couldn't get into a habit of using it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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