07 September 2020

High Beauty


it is time for a high beauty! :)                                                                                                                      Essence kindly sent me these two as a PR gift and I'm super grateful. I'm always down to try new lip balm and the I'm still trying to find the perfect Summer primer and I hoped this might be it...

Essence high beauty caring lip balm and Essence high beauty hydrating face primer.

Both products contains hemp seed oil (the main ingredient in these products) and are vegan. Lip balm is slightly rose tinted but on the lips it gives a touch of color which I appreciate. I find it to be moisturizing enough and I enjoy it a lot. The only aspect is the scent (both product have this natural green scent which doesn't bother me in a primer but in the lip balm is a bit strange, perhaps because I'm used to the fruity or vanilla scents and this is just different. Thankfully it disappears fast so discomfort doesn't last long).

The lip balm comes in this 10 ml tube with straight forward opening which isn't the most friendly to use. It is kind of hard to disperse it all over the lips nicely with just the tube, I always have to use my fingers to get the nice application and that immediately is a setback especially in these times. I only use it at home where I make sure my hands are clean but the moisturizing properties are there and I don't regret keeping it and I will make sure to finish it up. My lips could never be too moisturized.

The face primer promise to refresh (?) and hydrate the skin. Straight from the tube it is yellow but once blended it doesn't leave any trace. At first my skin looks almost matte but when I put my foundation on top it is slightly dewy and through the day I get greasy very fast. I don't think this primer is targeted to the people with already oily skin so now I use it on my face when I'm not going anywhere. I moisturize and put one layer of primer on top but no make-up. It doesn't break me out and I think it gives me some extra moisture kick. This is the only way I can think of using this 40 ml tube up.

Big thanks to the Essence team for sending me these two products.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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