11 September 2020

Soft bronze for the farewell Summer


Summer is slowly saying goodbye but bronzed up cheeks are still here and for today I have one of my favorite brozers to show you and in my opinion this baby is great for pale complexion like mine.

Alverde marbled duo bronzer Soft bronze (the only shade available).

I will admit that I was attracted to the marbled, swirl design at first but after trying it out I fell in love with the texture and shade as well.

It is very light (great for pale people because it is hard to overdue). Here I feel like it looks a bit more warm than it actually is but I just couldn't make it look like it does in real life. To me it looks like it has peachy undertone and on my light slightly yellow toned skin looks very natural.

Here you maybe can see a little bit of a scattered shimmer that runs through, for me it is not disturbing but for some people I can see this would not be so great. I usually put some highlighter over it to make it really glowy so I'm okay with the finish.

This bronzer is definitely in my top five, mainly because it is so natural looking and even if I apply it in early morning and poor light I can be sure it will still look nice and presentable. 

I believe this bronzer is still available and if something would happen to it I would go and repurchase it again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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