12 September 2020

Kaboom and Boost Vibes


I'm all about the lip glosses especially in the Summer, but wearing them under the mask can have disastrous results so as of lately I have been wearing more lipsticks, but during the breaks or when I leave I like to freshen up with a coat of gloss over my lips and it gives me enough satisfaction to make me happy.

Misslyn love at first boost volumizing lip glosses in Kaboom and Boost Vibes.
I loved the volumizing claim on the bottom of the tube thinking that they will be minty and tingling but unfortunately they aren't that sort of a gloss. They have the slightest vanilla scent to them which disappears super fast and the tubes only holds 3,5 ml of product.

These have an extraordinary long applicators but they do carry a lot of product so no need to dip into the tube multiple times. 

I picked up two shades because I couldn't decide between the two. First is mauve toned Kaboom shade and second is light peach shade named Boost Vibes.

They have different formulas I noticed. Kaboom is lighter and less pigmented, therefore the shade blends into my natural color better and looks almost as it is clear and that is my natural lip color (it isn't but looks so effortless).

Peachy number Boost Vibes has more pigment and I have to be careful not to apply to much because it can sink into lines or if it goes over my lip line it shows. I also don't recommend pressing the lips together after fresh application because it will disperse the product unevenly. This shade is way more high maintenance and I don't like it.

I have read that this collection isn't consistent with their pigmentation so trying testers out is something I would recommend. I love the Kaboom shade (the tone and lesser pigment are my cup of tea) while the Boost Vibes leaves me cold.

I have been using the mauve shade quite a lot lately and I can already see through the bottle so I'm guessing another month of consistent use and it will be empty. At the moment I really have a lot of glosses but the Kaboom shade is definitely something I will repurchase after I finish a couple more tubes of gloss.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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