04 September 2020

Watermelon Ice


I had this lip gloss for quite a while now (I think I purchased it sometimes last year but I am not sure). I just keep 'collecting' lip products and before I know I have too many to count them all and then it is really easy to loose track of some and sort of forget about them but now it is finally the time to put it in the spotlight.

I wanted to get this particular one ever since it came out a couple of years ago and now I finally have it, it is Avon Color trend Watermelon Ice lip gloss.

Wand has this unique shape which allows you to literally hug the lip and apply it evenly all over. It works for top and bottom lip plus the shape reminds me of a fish with wide open mouth ;)

I was drawn to this lovely pink shade and the pearl finish intrigued me. I know within Color Trend line they often have this type of a shimmer and usually they execute it well...

I actually quite like it, one must not exaggerate and put too much because then it sinks into the lip lines but if I'm careful it looks nice and the little pearl finish adds to the overall shine and it makes it look glossier than it actually is. Because of that I also think it lasts longer, the shine dries but the color and shimmer stays and feels more like a lip balm. I sometimes just apply clear lip balm over it and carry on. I'm very happy to have it and use it a lot. The scent is also something to talk about, it is vanilla/caramel. It takes me back when all of them smelled like this but now more and more glosses have this fresher and fruitier vibe so this 'old' school scent is actually refreshing and different. 

I would get some more shades within this line but at the moment I really don't need more (I have 25 and that is more than enough).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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