13 September 2020

The Fresh Nude


I was checking the Catrice site and noticed that this palette is already getting discontinued and it will be replaced will a similar looking one (neutrals with a bright coral in the center) in the same palette design. Will they make the formula even better?

This is Catrice The Fresh Nude palette with lovely everyday neutrals and a bright Coral number to 'spice' things up.

I am not progressive when it comes to make-up shades and I like to stick to the neutrals. I already have plenty of brown tones but pop of Coral in there made me take a double look.

I think the colors are nice and diverse enough (besides the last two which look very similar to one another) to create different looks everyday.

I love the first light shade which is white with shimmer and therefore perfect inner corner highlighter for me.
Second is almost metallic looking and a little warmer-golden.
Third have similar finish but it is even warmer and has more of a base color. Lovely as an all over the lid color.
Fourth is the 'famous' coral shade which is almost matte with some random shimmer in there but it is also not very pigmented so a bit of layering is necessary to make it look bold.
Shade next to it is a duochrome. In the palette it looks just beige-brown but on the skin it has coral base and gold sheen. Very beautiful and unique in my collection.

Here the duochrome shade is the first in line and it looks somewhat pink but that is just due to the different corner (it has many facets and it is very interesting to look at, jet it is still very modest and it isn't too loud).
Next is warm toned matte, foxy brown shade which has decent pigmentation.
Same finish and pigmentation but less orange toned is the shade next to it. I sort of wish it would be cooler toned so I would get even more diversity out of the palette but I'm not complaining since the pigmentation is on point.
The last two shades are both dark brown with matte finish. Nothing remarkable or dramatically different about them. When blended they look almost exactly the same. The first is a tad warmer and that is about it.

Here I just wanted to show you the lovely duochrome shade and how it shifts from an angle.

Second to last shade is a bit warmer than the very last one which is more neutral and dustier in tone.

All in all I'm very happy with this palette and I can't believe that they are already discontinuing it. It is my first palette from this collection and now I want some more. I have my eyes on the new Inspired by nature palette... also the new 5 in a box mini palettes look cute... not that I need more eye shadows.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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