31 August 2020



it is the last day of August and for me it is time to showcase my empties. I have quite a few make-up related items and I'm super happy to finally see some of them being empty and gone.

From Dusch das I have this Magnolia body wash which I had previously and really liked the Magnolia scent. It is creamy and floral and I enjoy it a lot, plus it is very inexpensive. I have another backup but I will wait a bit and use something else in between.

Next is another body was and it is from Balea and it is their Raspberry and Rose body wash. This is also my second bottle ad this scent is one of my favorites but unfortunately it was only a limited edition so I can't get my hands on it anymore. I predominately used this as my shampoo, it was able to remove all of the residue (balms, oils and all kinds of sprays that I use on my hair) and made my hair super soft and clean.

Last is Victoria's Secret Mango Temptation body spray. I purchased it a couple of years ago and back then I loved the scent now I think it is just okay. I sprayed myself and my room with it daily to be able to finish it up. The scent was nice, creamy Mango but it faded way too fast for my liking. I have another scent from them and when I will finished it up, I probably won't buy more from them. I now use perfumes instead of body sprays.

I manged to use up two Rimmel London Stay Matte lightweight, mattifying powders in Transparent. I would use one in the morning at home and the other one I would keep at work for touch ups. This powder is really nice for my oily complexion because it keeps me matte for longer plus it doesn't look all cake-y applied on top of my make-up after a couple of hours. I already unpacked two new ones and are ready to be used.

Trend it Up face contouring set in all matte 010 shade (swatches are here). First pan held contouring cool toned powder which was my favorite even though I figure it out that I don't find contouring my face an essential step and I could easily drop this habit but since I have the product... If I would get this palette again I would get it only because of this perfect for my skin tone shade. Second was a super warm bronzer that I didn't exactly love. It is gone and now I can move to the more enjoyable shades. The very last pan was filled with a slightly yellow toned powder and was meant to be used to lightly highlight the high points of your face but since it matched my skin tone completely I used it as a face powder and I was done with it pretty fast. This palette is done and gone, I feel happy to be finished but I won't repurchase it.

This Avon SuperExtend Lenghtening mascara in Brown/Black shade is still one of my favorites. Plastic wand brushes through my lashes and separates them while the little fibres adds to the length. Very nice and it can look a bit dramatic without looking like a fake lash look. At the moment I'm using the Essence mascara that I enjoy very much but this will definitely get repurchased.

The only remaining cream highlighter is this Catrice dewy finish strobe to glow highlighter in the shade Space Queen, Silver Rose (heavy swatch below). It looked amazing on me but cream products are so hard to finish up before they turn so I used it also on my chest and arms, I tried really hard to finish it up this year so now I can 'finally' use my powder highlighters.

The very last item is this amazing Avon Always on Point eye liner in the color Molten Rose. This is completely finished and I couldn't get any more for a little swatch at the end. It was supposed to be rose gold but to me it was more of a bronze shimmery shade. I loved it on its own, especially on my lover lash line or over some darker color on top of my upper lid. So fun and quick to do. At the moment I have nothing to replace it but I would like to have something similar so I just might go shopping...

Next week I will finally be on a vacation and fingers crossed the weather will stick so I will be able to suntan (I will take a lot of sun protection with me), swim and read lots of books. This years vacation will be different from last years but hopefully I will relax and have some good time despite everything that is going on.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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