20 August 2020

Black Magic


I have been wearing light and bright colors for quite a while but now I decided to switch things up by applying something darker on my nails and since I bought this nail varnish a while ago and haven't worn it yet...

Avon mark gel prism nail polish in the shade Black Magic is what you are seeing.
There is a whole collection with a few shades to choose from and I picked up the darkest and witch-y looking one, expecting that it will have the gritty sand finish...

I really like the black base with silver sparkles on top. It makes it more interesting than the regular and basic black varnish but I was a bit disappointed because the finish is smooth and I expected to be rough.

There is nowhere written anything about the finish so expecting something sand like was made up completely in my head and I have no one but myself to blame.

Usually Avon nail polishes are great quality and they last on me so I was surprised to see tip wear after two days but at least tip wear can be fixed, it would be harder if it would start chipping and falling off.

I really like the effect, to look at it it is beautiful but the formula not being their usual bugs me the most and I won't get any more from this collection. I will keep this one and use it but no backups for me.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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