30 August 2020



I haven't been wearing a whole lot of cheek products in these face mask times but when I do wear something it is something fun and enjoyable. I also like a little shine and the blush that I'm showing you today thick all my boxes.

Essence the blush in the shade Bespoke is on the photo. It has some small shimmer that acts more like a sateen finish rather than full on shimmer.

This looks almost like a warm bronzer with my favorite finish. The shade is warmer on the orange side but if I apply little it is not so very obvious.

On me it looks quite natural (if I use light hand, it is very pigmented and can easily turn me into a clown) and gives me a little radiance, that 'I just spend some time out on the sun' look.
I really think this is almost more of a bronzer than a blush but the big letters on the front of the packaging are trying to convince me otherwise. 
I'm really happy with these 'new' blushes and I hear they will add one more shade to the mix and I can't wait how it will turn out to be because this is already my second shade from the range and I'm willing to 'adopt' more if they will come out with some more shades.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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