21 October 2015

My favorite lip glosses


today I have photos of my favorite lip glosses (well there are a couple of others but all of them are already discontinued). They are by Avon and the line is called ultra glazewear absolute.
I have only three shades out of eight available. Right now they were on sale and they were dirty cheap but I stayed strong and didn't order any new shades even though I really wanted at least two but I ordered some other lip products which I will show you soon.

Avon ultra glazwear absolute lip glosses in Pure Poppy, Tender Pink and Renewing Rose

The shades I already own from top to the bottom are Pure Poppy, Tender Pink and Renewing Rose. I love them so much because they don't have and shimmer (and I think non of the shades in this collection has any). They have medium opacity and feel very cushiony on the lips. They feel like a glossy balm and the shine you get is very juicy. I have to admit that the last shade Renewing Rose looks different in real life than it looks on the photo above. I tried but failed to show the real color. It is not so orchid like but more muted more mauve like. On the lips it looks the most natural (color wise) and it is my favorite. Actually on the swatch photo this shade looks more like it does in real life.

Pure Poppy, Tender Pink and Renewing Rose

Above are swatches applied in the same order as they are on the first photo.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

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