27 October 2015

Dry Shampoo


today I have a little review about dry shampoo. My favorite one was from Balea and it was their LE 
Lovely Berries. They discontinued it pretty fast and I didn't managed to buy backups. It smelled like berries and it was very cheap. The second one I found that I liked was from got2be brand. It was part of the Volumania line packaged in hot pink packaging, again this smelled amazing and the price was ok. Of course when I went back to pick some more they already stopped making it. 

Now I am back with the Lee Stafford dry shampoo. Don't get me wrong it is amazing but expensive. That is the reason I'm buying and trying different brands, I hope to find something as effective as this little guy but for a more reasonable price. They come in a 150 ml packaging and they cost a little over 8 €.  

Lee Stafford dry shampoo

Compared with other cheaper brands Lee Stafford offers colored ones. I have the Original which is standard white and the Mid Brown one which matches my hair perfectly. There is also Dark version but since my hair aren't that dark I didn't tried that one. 
When my hair gets greasy I just spray a little bit over my roots and massage it in, with the brown one I don't even need to be careful because it matches me so well. The scent is hard to explain, it is strong and reminds me of the hair saloon smell. It's not my favorite but I can handle it.  
I will definitely try some other dry shampoos just because I think these are a little too expensive but just in case I will keep one at hand if the new ones won't work.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

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