26 October 2015



do you have oily skin? I know I do. I tried a couple of mattifying powders but so far my favorite one and the only one I have repurchased 3-times already is the Essence one. It is super basic and cheap. It costs between 2 to 3 €. It is white but honestly on the skin you loose it, it blends in and it really is transparent. So in my opinion everyone can use it no matter how dark your skin is.

Essence All about matt translucent powder

I lightly swirl my kabuki brush around the pan and dab it where I need it. It doesn't make my skin shine free the entire day but for a couple of hours I'm good. Actually none of the other powders I tried kept my skin matte the entire day  in fact some of them clogged my pores or my skin had an allergic reaction or they were colored and me being so pale of course everything was to dark.

I would say considering the low price this is a great product but I wish it would keep my oils at bay for a little longer but none of the less I will keep this one in my stash and buy it again, Maybe next time I will try something new but I will make sure I have a backup of this one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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