20 October 2015

Yves Rocher Instant youthful effect foundation

today I have a short review of Yves Rocher Instant youthful effect foundation. It comes in a glass jar that holds 30 ml of product. On top it has a pump and for me a pump and a half or sometimes two pumps are enough for the whole face. It doesn't have a cap but the top of the pump is rotating and when you push it to the left it is locked and that makes it a little bit safer if you travel with it (so far it survived in my bag without spilling).

Yves Rocher Instant youthful effect foundation Beige 100

The color range is divided by skin undertones, so they have Rose (more pink toned) and Beige (it says neutral but for me it is quite yellow undertone). I have the shade Beige 100, there is even a lighter shade in the beige range and it has a number 000 (I think it would suit me better but they didn't have it at the store). There are 9 or 10 shades in total, it depends from where you are. Here in Slovenia we only have 9 shades but somewhere they have a shade more. 

The formula is liquid but not too much. It spreads nicely over the skin and cover smaller blemishes. If I want better coverage on certain areas I just layer it and it looks pretty natural except the shade is a hint too dark for me so I have to be careful and blend it well. 

Yves Rocher Instant youthful effect foundation Beige 100

I don't use it every day because I still prefer my BB creams. A lot of people think that they are light in coverage but that is not true. You can check my previous post about BB creams and I have to say that most of them have better coverage than this foundation. 
For me it is the finish of this foundation that makes it so nice. It is not dewy but also not completely matte. I would say it is more on the matte side, more velvety. The staying power is because of that also really great. I have oily face but now in cooler months it's not as obvious as it is usually. When I apply it I use powder on top and that is it. I don't touch it for the rest of the day. Sure it gets more dewy towards the evening but nothing too serious. So when I come home after a long day this foundation still looks pretty nice so from me it gets a thumb up.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

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