30 October 2015

Avon purchase


I shop a lot through Avon which you would know if you would saw my bathroom. I remember when I was in elementary and I brought brochures with me in school and my friends were browsing it and sometimes also my teachers. In all those years I discovered a lot of amazing products that I keep repurchasing as soon I ran out of them. I just got a package and here a two photos of what I bought.

Advance Techniques Smooth as Silk shampoo, conditioner and oil

Here are Advance Techniques Smooth as Silk shampoo, conditioner and oil. I previously had the oil and I loved it so much that this time I wanted to try the whole collection and see if my hair will really be silky. I will report back when I will try them.

Avon Color Trend glossy lip pencils

For now I only took photo of the packaging of the Color Trend glossy lip pencils. I feel I need to test them a couple more days before I write my opinion here. Next week come back for more photos and I will try to write in depth opinion about them because they still show up in the brochure from time to time.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

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