16 October 2015

New In


yesterday I have been shopping a little bit and I found some pretty little products. I only tried them but usually I get the idea if I'm going to like them or not right away and I have to say more or less all convinced me.

It has been a while since the last time I bought some eye shadows and I have a feeling this two will fit into my routine pretty nicely. They are just two neutral colors that goes with everything.

Essence I Love Nude My Favorite Tauping is beautiful buttery everyday chocolate color. I love the texture so much that I will soon go back and pick one of the lighter shades as well. 

L'oreal Infallible 24 HR eye shadow Time Resist White in the packaging looks off white but when I swatch it it is just super shimmery/glowing white. I would prefer if it would be warmer but I think I can make it work. I lightly applied it over different eye shadows and it gives them the most beautiful glow. I don't see myself using it on its own but as a topper it will look amazing.

I have to confess that I am a lip product junkie. This year I really wanted to hold back and try to buy as little lip products as possible but I have a feeling I'm going to fail. I bought three new product because they were cheap. This is the only reason, they were cheap and colors looked like something I would wear.

Essence Happy Girls are Pretty LE sheer lip balm in Live, Laugh, Love and Repeat, I have the lighter of the two balms. I am telling you this because on their official page the lighter shade is called Pretty You!. I have spent a good amount of my time googling and trying to figure it out and it seems that the names are mixed up. Apparently both names appear on both shades so no one really knows how each shade is named. I wrote down the name that is on my balm and not the one that you can find on official page. Wow, that was quite a long intro for this little friend. First I noticed that it smells nice kind of frutty, it is also very soft. After one use you can already see some use, I presume that it wont last long. The color is light but that is good enough for me. I like it so much that I am seriously thinking of getting a backup.

Essence XXXL nude lip gloss in Taste the Sweets. It has been years since I bought my last lip gloss from Essence and I completely forgot how great they are. The shade looks very different once applied on the lips, on me it changes into baby pink and I love it. Also the scent is great kind of similar to the balm but less sweet, once it is on the lips I can't detect it. It wears beautiful and it last from two to three hours on me which is great. Some more shades are already on my wish list.

Essence liquid lipstick in Colour Party. I normally don't wear such light Barbie pink colors but this one really caught my eye. Unfortunately it doesn't look that good on me. It is a little to bright and cool toned. I also wasn't pleased how the product wears. After a while it slipped in my lip lines and if I would have dry chapped lips it would accentuated that too. Next time I will try with less product or with a lip liner as a base. I am thinking to use a bit darker one so it will change the base color of the lipstick... We will see if it works that way.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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