23 October 2015

My first MAC product


I have the best sister in the whole world. She travels a lot and she always surprises me with a gift. This time it was a MAC product. She knows that I love lip glosses so she decided to get me a dazzleglass Love Alert. 

MAC Dazzleglass Love Alert

The color is sheer red with a lot of glitters (I like to put red tinted lip balm or a lipstick underneath to get an even color). I'm normally not a fan of shimmer or glitter in my lip products but this one is quite nice. Glitter is visible on the lips but I can't feel it at all.

MAC Dazzleglass Love Alert swatch

The scent is very nice, it reminds me of vanilla but when it is on I can't detect it anymore. 
I heard a lot of people mentioned that MAC glosses or glasses as they call them, are sticky and I have to say that at first when I applied it it is not  but I feel it gets a little bit sticky after a while and specially at the end. When it is time to reapply it gets annoyingly sticky, specially towards the inner part of my mouth. 
The wand is a whole another story. I have never seen anything similar. It has short plastic bristles that are tempered into a point. The first time I used it they were so hard like it was made out of solid plastic but the next time it was better and now they are soft and easy to use. Another thing is that they are short and don't pick a lot of product, I have small thin lips and one layer isn't enough to cover them. This isn't a major problem but it is more annoying than anything. 

So in conclusion: I like the color and that the glitter particles aren't rough, I'm in love with the scent but stickiness is a deal breaker plus the high price. I honesty don't think I will buy any more, maybe if I will really like the color but otherwise this is my first and last MAC glass.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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