22 October 2015

Love Roses


I recently bought this lovely bubble bath from Avon. From time to time I indulge myself with one of these even though I don't have a bath ;)
I buy them just because they have very strong scent and are a pleasure to use in the shower or as a hand soap. This time I went with a Romantic Rose scent simply because I love rose. When it comes to this particular product I was a bit disappointed. The scent isn't typically rosy. You know that fresh roses have a different scent than dried ones well this product has a third variation. It is flowery with just a hint of a rose in it. It is still nice but not what I expected. 
In the current brochure they have a nice sale going on and I am planing to pick some more scents. I just have to choose them and probably only two, which will be hard. 

Avon  Romantic Rose

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