18 October 2015

My favorite BB creams


today I will show you my most used Asians BB creams. I am absolutely obsessed with them and I have a couple more of them but I don't use them so often. My favorite brands are Skin79 and Holika Holika, I also tried BB creams from Missha, Lioele, Mizon, Etude House... All of them I purchased through eBay.
They all claim to have whitening effect (usually there are available only one or two shades but don't worry if at the beginning it doesn't match you completely after 10 minutes or so it will start changing and adapting to your skin color so it will look better. I am very pale but I noticed that it does makes me look even lighter so I assume that is the whitening effect that they are talking about, on the long run I haven't noticed that my skin color would lighten up) and wrinkle improvement (which I haven't noticed, maybe I'm too young ;).

The Skin79 BB creams comes in different packaging. Here I have three and all of them vary in size. You can get a trial size, a little baggie which contains 2 g, a tube with 5 g, sturdy, non squeezable tube with a pump which holds 15 or 40 g (Super Plus Orange), tube without a pump comes in a 25  or 40 g (Oriental Gold) packaging or tube with a pump which carries 50 g of product (VIP Gold).

The last two, the Holika Holika ones only comes in one shade and one size. There are 5 different ones in this collection and not long ago they decided to repackage them. I prefer this old packaging mainly because they have kittens on them  ;)  the new ones don't.

Skin79 and Holika Holika BB creams

Skin79 Super Plus Orange BB cream 40 g BB cream, this is actually the first one I bought and it made me fall in love with Asian BB creams in general. It has SPF 50 and great coverage. It is one of the lightest that I have and it is quite thick. Without another BB cream or a primer underneath it doesn't apply nicely at least on me. So I use another BB cream first and then I top it of with this one to lighten up certain areas and cover blemishes up (for me it is more like a concealer). It is less dewy as the other ones so this makes it more suitable for the summer when I need to cover some blemishes and I want it to stay put for the rest of the day. I avoid using it under my eyes because it will crease.

Skin79 VIP Gold Collection Super Plus 50 g BB cream is my most repurchased BB cream ever. This is probably my third or fourth tube. I love it especially in cooler months. It applies like butter no matter how dry my skin is. It will never accentuate dry flaky skin but because of that it also looks quite dewy from the start (a little powder and you should be okay). I pile it on under my eyes where little wrinkles starts appearing and it almost doesn't crease. It has low coverage or I should say that it evens out my skin but it doesn't cover much. If your skin is blemish free than you can wear it on it's own but my sadly isn't, so I use it as a base and then top it of with a higher coverage BB cream to conceal spots.

Skin79 Oriental Gold  Plus 40 g BB cream,  for me it works very similar than VIP Gold one, except this one is lighter (the color fits me better) and it has more coverage. When my skin looks better I can get away wearing only this when I usually layer two or three different ones. It has a medium SPF 30 and it is quickly becoming my favorite. This one creases very, very little under my eyes. The tube is almost empty so I'm starting to look for the new tube.

Holika Holika Petit Moisturizing and Essential 30 g BB cream. I will describe both of them here because they are very similar. They are more suitable for dry skin because when you apply them the skin looks dewy. In the summer when my skin is oilier I can apply them without a base underneath but now in the cooler months I use them on top of something. They both have nice coverage the difference as far as I can tell is in the color. The purple-Moisturizing one is darker and maybe has a tiny bit less coverage than the orange-Essential one.
Now they repackaged them (I don't know if they messed with a formula but I heard they only upgraded the packaging) and the Moisturizing one is still sold under the same name but they changed the color of the packaging. The tube is now light blue. They changed more when it comes to the Essential one, now the packaging is yellow and they also changed the name into Bouncing.

Skin79 and Holika Holika BB creams swatches

Here, on the photo above, you can see how they compare. I applied them in the same order as in the first photo. The first (Super Plus Orange) looks a bit more yellow toned than the others, second (VIP Gold Collection) and third (Orinetal Gold) are the lighter ones. I am so sorry that fourth one looks so liquidy (Moisturizing) the truth is that the tube is almost empty and the formula is now a bit more runny. When the tube is full the texture is the same as it is at the last one (Essential) but this one is a bit lighter. 

Thak you for reading and have a nice day 

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