30 December 2016



I hope everyone has nice holidays. I'm sending you lots of love, health and happiness. I rarely do new year's resolution but if I do they are beauty related, something fun. I don't reinvent myself every year but instead I try to be better and top of the previous year. What about you?

I have been really good and used up a lot of product (tomorrow I will have another post filled with empty packaging, I like to split them if there are too much stuff).
First we have Krasna hand cream with lavender, cedar and orange. I talked about it last year here and I mentioned how much I love the scent and I still do. It is amazing but a little pricey, it costs around 10 € which is a lot but if I will get my hands on some coupons I will repurchase it again.

Next bottle is Avon naturals spiced orange and ginger body mist. This product is long gone which is unfortunate. I think the scent was fantastic and one of my favorite. If it would still be available I would definitely buy it again, it just doesn't get better than a fresh orange scent mixed with winter spices, I loved spraying my scarf with it and then duck my nose in it. I also find that this one was a bit more long lasting than some other scents but I don't know if it depends from the scent or in the past these naturals body mists were actually more long lasting.

Next product was in my shower for almost a year and the bottle looks a bit beaten up. It is Avon x-series Recharge hair & body wash for men. First of all the scent is fantastic, very manly and semi fresh, the other cool thing was the purple color. At first I wanted to use it solely as a body wash but the scent convinced me to use it on my hair and it work amazingly well as a clarifying shampoo. It made my hair silky soft and smooth, it tamed the frizzy hair but also made them completely straight with no volume. My hair has very little volume and when you take even that little of it away it looks a bit sad so I had to help myself with some volumizing products but I didn't care. My hair looked fantastic and they smelled good even the day after. I would definitely repurchase it if I can find it, I'm scared that Avon  discontinued this product sometime during this past year.

Next to it is another shampoo and also from Avon but from the Advance Technique line Smooth as Silk (already discontinued line). This was my 'regular' shampoo, I wash my hair every third day and on most days I used this one, maybe once in two weeks I used the bottle mentioned in previous paragraf. This one was okay, nothing special but it did it's job.

I continue with Avon products and next in line is Avon naturals dog rose and aloe toner, sadly also discontinued. I used up about seven or eight bottles of it and this one is the last one. It had nice rose scent but that wasn't the reason why I loved it so much, This toner was actually very moisturizing on my skin and I already miss it but I bought the 'new' toner from the line with rose and so far it is nice.

The last item is Avon ultra glazewear absolute lip gloss in the shade Renewing Rose which is one of my favorite glosses ever. I used up every single drop of it so I don't have a swatch photo in this post but you can check this post. I love how moisturizing it is and this shade is amazing on me, it has just the right amount of pigment and coverage, not too much but enough to show up. I already repurchase it because I saw that they will discontinue this line next year.

In this post there are a lot of awesome Avon products but a lot of them aren't available or they will soon be gone. Such a shame but I prefer to use up my beloved products then let them go bad. Tomorrow I will have another batch of empties, I guess I'm cleaning up my bathroom and want to start fresh in the new year.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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