13 December 2016

CC pearls


I think it was already two orders back when I purchased this product. I started using it the next day because I was so excited but I had some issues with it so I tried to use it in various ways. I have seen people using it as a highlighter or face powder.

It is Avon ideal flawless CC pearls. They come in the standard (for Avon at least) pot except the packaging is black and not bronze.

Inside there is a big white sponge which is just protecting the pearls from moving around and when you take it off the magic lies underneath. There are two (not full, I would say one and a half row) layers of five colored pearls. The idea is to swirl your brush in there and apply it all over your face for color correcting but does it work?

This is how they all together look like. I had to go over it like million times to make it show up but I can blame my skin tone for that, probably it is just so similar but that is the whole point. You want a finishing powder to match you, right?

 I took another photo in slightly less warm light but here you can barely see it (I marked it with the two arrows), there is a little sheen to it which is very nice in my opinion but just keep in mind I was applying it with a dense eye shadow brush. On the face you don't get that effect. The pearls are very hard and I got barely anything on my brush, for the swatches I collected the dust on the bottom of the box.

For fun I swatched all the individual colors separately and the first lighter two are very shimmery, coral one in the middle is still shimmery but less and the last lavender and green shades are matte and they appear a little chalky.

I like the simple, sleek packaging and the product/pearls are a joy to look at but how do they perform? I have oily skin, even now in the winter when it is dry it still gets oily over a couple of hours so I need my powder to be mattifying but this one just isn't. Does it color correct? On the swatch photos of the colors mixed together you can see that the color you get is beige, skin like so my opinion is no, they don't. I have them for almost two months now and I still don't know if I should return them or not. They do nothing for me but I keep thinking that the lighter pearl (the first swatch on the last photo) would be a really nice highlighter but is it worth keeping it just so I can use one fifth of a product?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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