21 December 2016

Catrice delistings


I was so excited to see the updated Catrice site with  the photos of the new stuff and also when I saw the list of the products which will leave us next year. I think they always deliberately discontinue the best items just to bug me but this year my list is very short, at least for the products which are leaving. I'm trying to be more responsible and buy less make-up but Catrice made it easier for me, they are getting rid off of a lot of products which just don't interest me but I made a list of three that I might pick up before they are gone for good.

The one lip product that jumped in my eye is Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick in the shade Better Make a Mauve. They actually decided to completely remove this line (they are keeping the Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick Intense) and I already have two shades so I'm familiar with the texture. I don't know why they are marked as lipsticks because they are clearly lip glosses and I think a lot of people were upset about that, if they would just mark them as lip glosses I think this line would do better. They feel like a lip balm but with a glossy finish and a nice color payoff, not the best but I personally prefer my lip glosses to be on the sheer side because they are easier to wear. This shade is a gorgeous mauve shade which would look amazing on me but the fact that I have 33 lip glosses makes me rethink. Do I need it? No, I don't but the shade and formula are too good to pass.

Next is Defining blush in Rose Couture. I don't have any blushes from this line but all I can find are positive reviews. It looks like everyone loves these and it is about time to pick one out. They are discontinuing two berry shades which looks great but not for my skin tone. I found some swatches online of this shade but they are very different from one another, on some photos it looks nude on some it appears to be powdery pink. I think I will have to see it with my own eyes and swatch it to see how it will go with my skin tone and then I will decide if I 'need it' or not.

The last item that looks interesting for me is the Highlighting Powder in the shade Starlight. All of my highlighters are golden, warm toned so I would like to try something cooler and this one appears to fell in that category, the only thing that is making me cautious is the pink color. On some swatches online it looks more pink than on the others but I guess it is another item I will have to see it in person and decide if it is something I will wear or not.

This time I'm very pleased with Catrice for not tossing a lot of my favorites, of course there are some other lip products and eye shadows and pencils that I would like to have but since I own so much already in those categories and seeing what is jet to come I think I can pass on them and wait for the brand new products to arrive and pick something from the new range.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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