31 December 2016



I hope you're having fun on the last day of this year and that you will celebrate it with the people you love. I pushed and cleared out another 6 products which will be recycled and I will start fresh.

First thing in the background is Avon Planet SPA Caribbean Escape brightening face massage mask with crushed Pearls and Sea Algae. I can reassure you that it smells great, it is hard to describe but I would say it is creamy and a bit fruity (Papaya or Mango). It has some scrubbing particles and you are supposed to apply it onto fresh face and massage it, then the instructions says you just wipe it off but that doesn't work for me. I prefer to rinse it off and my face feels very soft and moisturized, it definitely leaves residue but it doesn't bother me because I use it at night. When it comes to brightening I haven't notice anything, if it works then the effect is subtle. All in all, I like the scent and how moisturized my skin felt after using it and I already repurchase it.

In the bottle there is Avon naturals daily hair refresher in the scent Raspberry and Hibiscus. It is very watery and even if I spray too much it dries like water, without any residue. I would say that this is just a perfume for hair but it smells like fresh Raspberries and I already repurchased it. When I use it I skip on the perfume and wear this on my hair and it makes me feel really good. I also love the shampoo and conditioner from this line and I like to spray my hair with it the next day or after two days to restore the scent.

Bottle next to it is Avon Advance Technique volume and curl mousse. It is also very watery but the pump transforms it into a loose foam which I massaged it into my scalp to get some volume or into my braid to prolong the curl. On my soft hair it didn't work that well and it also made them a bit crunchy which I despise. I finally managed to use it up and I won't repurchase it ever again.

Last bottle is Avon naturals body lotion in Passion fruit and Peony. I like naturals lotions because of their scent and this one didn't disappoint, it smells just like the name suggest and it is one of my absolute favorite. Sadly it is discontinued but if you ask your representative it might still be able to find it in the outlet brochure for you.

In the round pot there is Balea Freesia  and Violet limited edition cream. I used it as a night face cream and it worked like a charm. I thought that it will be greasy like the typical Nivea creams but it is much lighter in texture, my skin was able to absorb it but just because it gets really oily through the day I rather use it only at night. My skin is pretty sensitive but I didn't have any allergic reactions of breakouts and I would repurchase it again if it would be available. I have another one in the orange scent and I hope it has the same texture, that would make me very happy.

The last tiny 5 ml bottle is Avon Always perfume. I decided that it is time to use it up because I have full sized bottle and I don't like that this doesn't have a spray or a ball, which makes it hard to apply. I like to spray my perfumes so the scent isn't too strong and it gets on my hair where it last but if it is just a hole you can only use it on your wrists and then I have to swing them around for me to be able to smell it. I can look like I'm Italian, talking with people and use my hands excessively  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice last day

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