15 December 2016



we are already on the half of the month and that means collecting my empty beauty products, take photos of them and publish them on the almighty web.

First item is Avon Planet SPA Oriental Radiance balancing facial cleanser. I reviewed it already here so I will try to be short. The pump packaging is lovely and it can also be locked so it is also travel friendly. It is a clear gel which foams up after you mix it with water and it efficiently removes all the build up grease and it smells like a fresh cut grass. In my books this baby is a winner and I will definitely repurchase it soon.

It was not long time ago since I wrote about this Avon naturals Winterberry and Shea shimmering body lotion, for longer review you can click here. The scent is phenomenal, warm and rich, texture is great, you don't need whole lot but it moisturizes like something much more expensive stuff. It is slightly tinted but nothing to worry about if you let it sink in and also it contains golden shimmers which I'm not a fan of but they are bearable. This is my second used up tube and I have one more backup, next year I will probably repurchase it again.

Bottle in the middle is from Omnia cosmetics and it is a coconut scented nail polish remover. I honestly couldn't detect any special scent so I wouldn't really suggest you to rush and get it for the scent alone. It was a nice remover but I found similar ones for even less money (Essence, Aveo) or if I will want something really scented then I will repurchase Afrodita's nail polish removers.

Next is Avon naturals Green tea and Verbena scented body mist. I started to use it in the middle of the Summer when it felt really refreshing and nice. The scent itself was very fresh and flowery but weak enough to not give me a headache. I like the scent but it didn't really knocked me out of my socks and I also wasn't too impressed with its staying power. I'm happy that I tried it but I won't repurchase it again.

Last bottle is Yves Rocher Lagoon moisturizing body mist with Monoi flower. I bought it last Summer and you can see I'm not done with it but if you look at the right bottom corner you can see something white in the bottle, that is because it went bad. Did you ever had natural apple juice? And you left it open for too long? Then you will know that the texture changed and it got a bit thick and fuzzy at the bottom, that is exactly what happened with this product. I don't want to open it up and sniff it because I might dropped dead. I still love this scent, it is like the most beautiful Summer memory caught in the bottle just waiting for you to remember. I still have the body oil and I will make sure I will use it up next year. If I return back to the spray version I would definitely love to have it back in my collection but it is only available in the Summer but I think it would be better if I try to use up some more sprays and perfumes before repurchasing but I will buy it again, probably not next year but maybe year after.

The very last item is a lipstick sample from old Avon Ultra Color Rich line in the shade Sparkling Blush. It is a nice cherry red lipstick with shimmer, I mostly wore it more as a stain (second smeared swatch) just to add some tint to my lips. In the past I loved to wear bright colors on my lips but I'm getting older and now I prefer more toned down shades so if this would still be available I wouldn't buy it. I love the now reformulated line of the Ultra Color lipsticks and I have plenty to go through if I will buy more shades they will most definitely be more natural.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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