10 December 2016

preview: Catrice Prêt-à-Lumière


I have seen a preview for the new Catrice limited edition and it blew me away. I'm a huge Cosnova fan well, I don't own anything from their L.O.V. line but I have plenty of Essence and Catrice products and their LE always gets me unprepared. This edition will be out by the end of December and is named Prêt-à-Lumière with mostly illuminating or glowy, sparkly items. If you would know me in person then you would know that I don't highlight, sometimes I put it illuminator on top of a blush or instead of an eye shadow but that is pretty much it, so why do I like this line so much? I don't know, maybe because it looks so pretty but the fact is that I want almost every single item from it. Sounds crazy, right?

Highlights, as far as the eye can reach: strobing is the make-up trend of the year. The Limited Edition “Prêt-à-Lumière” by CATRICE offers professional products to create the perfect glow from December 2016 to January 2017. There are plenty of variations to choose from, ranging from classic powder textures to liquid formulas with pipette applicators and creamy textures in a pen-shape. Different shades from flattering nude to rosé offer endless possibilities to highlight your best facial features. G(l)o(w) your way – by CATRICE.


Shine & Sparkle. The popular Glam & Doll Mascara range is briefly being enhanced with a fine shimmer: the tried-and-tested texture makes false lashes totally superfluous. The sparkling effect ensures glistening highlights to perfect any eye make-up style.
Beauty Tip
The mascara can be worn solo or as a topper and creates fabulous optical reflections on the lashes with its light-reflecting shimmer pigments. The mascara is just as suitable for daytime wear as for glamorous smokey eye styles. For a subtle look, only apply the sparkling texture on the tips of the lashes.


Luminous Love. An ultra-silky powder that is easy to blend for wonderfully soft transitions. Applied on top of creamy products, the Highlighting Powder intensifies the strobing effect. It can be applied on the face like a normal powder or used as an eyeshadow on the lids. Nude, gold and rosé each score points for their fine shimmer.
Beauty Tip:
Powder textures should always be applied on top of creamy products and never underneath! This way, make-up will last longer and is easier to blend. For highlighting powder, it’s best to use a slanted Blush Brush or our expert tool – the Fan Brush. In any case, the brush should have shorter bristles on the outside for easier blending.


HIGHlight. The Lip & Eye Brow Lifter comes in a pen-shape and is easy to handle, so it’s perfect “on the go”. The creamy texture contains light-reflecting pigments and skilfully sets radiant highlights – ideal for the strobing make-up trend. Available in champagne or rosé, these pens ensure a visible lifting effect when applied beneath the arch of the brows. They can also be applied on the inner corners of the eyes to optically enlarge them. Dabbing a little on the lip bow makes the lips look fuller.
Beauty Tip
Practical: When you’re on the go, these pens can also be used as regular highlighter to save space! Simply apply along the cheekbone and then use a finger or small sponge to blend and perfectly accentuate the facial features.


Radiant Skin. The gel in an elegant glass jar contains light-reflecting pigments and conjures-up a gorgeous rosé-bronze shine. The unique light reflections give the complexion a fresh look and a touch of elegance.
Beauty Tip
The combination of rosé and bronze results in a shade that suits most skin tones. The gel-like texture can be applied with the fingers or brush and spreads easily to create an all-over glow or to set targeted highlights.


Stardust. The creamy highlighter with a flock applicator allows the targeted accentuation of individual facial features. A warm golden shade and a cool rosé tone complement any look, for example, when applied on the cheekbones or the brow bone.
Beauty Tip
Brunettes can achieve the most beautiful glow with the golden Face Glow Definer as warm shades offer the best match for darker hair and skin tones. The cool rosé shade, on the other hand, is ideal for blondes since their skin often has a naturally pinkish undertone. Apply the liquid texture directly on the desired areas of skin with the flock applicator to set targeted highlights beneath the arch of the brows or on the cheekbones.


Liquid Illumination. A liquid primer in a light, neutral beige shade with a delicate golden shimmer. Mixed with foundation, this all-rounder has a subtle effect, while the glow is more intense when applied solo. The pipette applicator allows a perfect dosage.
Beauty Tip
Upon application, the Illuminating Serum Primer has a neutral colour so it is suitable for every skin type. Mix the primer with body lotion and apply on the arms, neckline and back for a gorgeous party glow – ideal to celebrate New Year’s Eve, for example.


Vinyl Lips. Smooth, shiny lips are guaranteed with these slim sticks. The lipsticks in a nice and narrow packaging are easy to apply accurately and come in a choice of subtle nude and flattering rosewood.
Beauty Tip
The Vinyl Gloss-In-Sticks are especially practical companions when time is short: to freshen-up the complexion, apply the creamy texture like a blush and gently pat into the skin with your fingers for rosy cheeks in seconds!

The only item that doesn't speak out to me is the sparkling mascara. I think it is nice and I would wear it two or three times but that would be it, I can't justify buying it for three uses, maybe if they would have mini version of it...
The other products all look to die for maybe I will stay away from the pink tones but I want everything else. I will make sure to swatch everything and buy the absolute 'necessities', that means as little as possible but who knows perhaps I will get super into highlighting...

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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