15 January 2017



I started this year with a lot of rest and internet access troubles. My computer is getting old and slower, I know all that but no internet access? You are kidding me, I figured it out how much I need internet in my everyday life, I could say even that I'm addicted. I filled my days with books and TV but I was still missing something (I live alone, so there is no one to talk to or play board games, I don't even have a cat to classify as an old cat lady). My wish for this year is dedicated to my computer, I would like him to stay healthy and alive for another year and please don't decline internet anymore, okay?
I missed on so many days and we have come to the middle of the month when I arrange all of my empty cosmetic bottles ad tubes, take photo of it and finally toss it in the garbage.

First we have Avon care gentle aloe hand cream which is thankfully discontinued. Did you asked why thankfully? Well, it wasn't that good. My favorite is still the most 'common' one glycerin hand and nail one and this one doesn't even compare. The texture was a bit thinner, it didn't moisturized one bit but it still managed to leave my hands greasy. I'm super happy to see this one gone so I didn't even bother cutting the tube in half and scoop everything out. I'm done.

Next is Avon senses Peaceful Tuscany which smells like olive and orange blossom. The scent was really divine and calming but the texture was a bit unusual. It reminded me of pudding, noting bad just a bit weird. I liked the scent, it washed my body and it didn't particularly dried out my skin but I despised the packaging, in particular the opening. They used to have nice caps which opened at the side, they were easy to open but now they open in the middle and I just can't do it. Call me weak but I'm not risking my poor nails for it, so I just popped the whole cap and the hole is huge and pudding like consistency was gone in less than three months. I wash my body once a day, I live alone and this bottle contained 500 ml of body wash which was gone in less than three months, that is crazy. I'm not used to use them so fast but since I love the scent I might repurchase it but I'm definitely pouring it into different, more economical packaging.

For last I have some lip products. First on the upper picture and one the swatch is Avon Ultra Rich Brilliance lipstick sample in the shade Brilliant Ruby. This line is long gone and I'm  not sad about it, because brilliant in the name stands for lots of shimmer. Maybe it is not so obvious from the photo but this bright red shade had tons of golden shimmer and when the shade is so bold I usually skip on glow, so I'm just happy that it is gone and buried.

Next is Avon Color Trend glossy lipstick with the name Glossy Ruby. It is a pencil you have to sharpen which is not something I crave for but it is okay. The shade was a little darker red, very pigmented but still glossy. The texture was rather unique, I would say it felt a bit waxy but it managed to stay put for a couple of hours. It gets a big thumb up from me but this line of pencils is discontinued but I'm fine, I got a bit sick of wearing red lips everyday but it is still a shame because I know a lot of people could enjoy this formula.

The last item is also from Avon and it is also not available anymore. It is Avon ultra shiny tubes in the shade Shineberry. It was a nice raspberry shade, more red than pink with nice pigmentation, no shimmer and a very glossy finish, that also means it was a bit thin and it could slip under the lip and down the chin. I had to be very careful and not to apply too much because it could end with a disaster (picture a vampire who just drank fresh blood). I have learned that this color looks nice on me but it is so not practical that I will try not to buy similar shades ever again. I will forbid myself from buying more bright or dark, pigmented lip glosses because no matter how great they look it almost always ends with a disaster.

So, this is my first batch of empties, a lot of reds and Ruby's.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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