30 January 2017

Project polish


last year I had so much fun using up my nail polishes, who thought that using the same colors over and over could be so much fun?
I used up 20 bottles (not counting clear base and top coats) and so I decided to continue this year with the same strategy.

In January I used up Essence Style me Love and Avon Color Trend Delicious Berry. They were both limited edition colors, released years ago.
Just recently I posted Style me Love shade and all I can say is that I used to like this shade much more, now I just wanted to use it up.
Delicious Berry was light pearly pink with a blue/purple shift which is something I don't like so in order to use it up I was using it as a base coat underneath other colors. I'm super happy to finally be done with it and I won't miss this shade one bit.

These two are the first to go and I'm already working on two other bottles and I think I will use them up soon.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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