29 January 2017

Kiss Kiss


I'm back with a lip product. Over the years I accumulated way too much and now I'm paying the price. I feel guilty when I buy something new because my old products are going bad  :(
So, my goal is to use as much as possible and on the other end buy as little as I can. I decided to start using this gloss and finish it up this year and since it is still available I decided to show some swatches here and maybe someone will find them useful.

It is Avon Color Trend lip gloss in the shade Kiss (if I refer the name that they use in the brochure).

Because at the bottom of the tube it says Kiss Kiss, it is a bit confusing but still nothing too distracting. Two kisses are better than one, right?

The color is pretty straight forward, bright red even though while in the tube it looks darker. It has no shimmer particles but just a lot of shine.

The wand is pretty standard, easy to navigate and the scent is very pleasant vanilla like.

This baby is very pigmented and due to the slightly thicker texture (it is not sticky at all) you can wear it pretty comfortably, you don't need to worry about getting out of the lines of your lips. I never wore lip liner with it and it never ended on my chin or something embarrassing like that.
I tried a lot of red lip glosses (they are my weakness) and this one is among the cheaper ones and simply the best one I have tried. High coverage, no shimmer, stays put, fades evenly, leaves a bit of a stain and it lasts a couple of hours. The best red gloss ever, at least in my opinion and for my needs but I haven't been wearing it enough. I really tried to start using it on the regular base but I find out that the scent changed, the color and everything else is still the same but the scent is more like an old lipstick mixed with a crayon. Unfortunately, it went bad so I will have to toss it but after I will go through a couple of glosses I'm repurchasing it and then I will wear it every single week until I finish it up.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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