31 January 2017



I'm back with another empties post. Yesterday it was only nail polish, today I have everything else.

First bottle is Avon Advance Technique Smooth as Silk conditioner. I used up shampoo from the same line last year but conditioners always take me longer to use up. This one was nice but nothing special and I wouldn't repurchase it even if it would still be available (they kept the oil from this line which is fantastic).

Next is Melvita hand cream with somewhat rose scent. There is something else mixed in but I can't point it out, to me it smells a bit fake and the texture was way too greasy for me so I was super happy when I used it up. I even cut the tube open and now I'm happy to toss it in the bid.

Batiste dry shampoo for blondes is next. I hate the scent but it works, I'm bothered a bit by powdery hair (when I brush my hair with my fingers they are all icky powdery) but for now I will let it slide. I already repurchased it but next time I will get one of the scented versions.

In front of it is Labello Coconut lip butter. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of the brand. In the past I had some of their stick lip balms and they didn't impress me but I gave them another go with this one and I'm converted. This is fantastic, it smells like a real nut and not too strong. It is on the thicker side which means that it moisturizes them for longer but it can leave lips looking white. I don't mind it because I use it only at night when I go to bed. My lips were soft and nourished. Now I'm using something else and it is not even half as good so when I'm done with my stash I'm repurchasing this little gem.

Second to last is Skin 79 Orange BB cream with SPF 50. It only comes in one shade which is very light and yellow toned with high coverage (there is almost no need to use concealer on top) and matte finish. The only negative thing is that it is a bit harder to apply, I had to tap it on with my finger and that takes time. Around six months ago I figured that I can mix it with dewier BB creams and get true perfection. Now I have some other light BB creams that I have to go through but I will repurchase it as soon as I find it on sale (it is a bit expensive).

For last I saved the only item which isn't completely empty but I used only around half. It is Avon Color Trend Kiss Kiss lip gloss in a beautiful cherry red shade but unfortunately it went bad. It had lovely sweet scent but now it stinks and I have to get rid of it. Color Trend glosses are a bit thicker, due to high pigment and are also more long lasting and jet they remain glossy. Did I mention how inexpensive they are? Right now you can get them for 2 € only. I know I will get some more shades and probably this one again but first I have to go through a couple glosses that are already in my collection before they go bad.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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