18 January 2017

Essence wishlist of soon to be discontinued products


it is happening. Essence announced which items will be leaving us and I was quick to scoop and make my own wishlist of products I would like to try before they are gone for good.
Surprisingly I could resist all of the lip products but I can't wait some of the new lippies to come out.

There are two mono eye shadows that caught my eye, both neutral but I have a felling I already have something similar, I will see if I need them after swatching them in the store. BTW, they decided to discontinue the entire 'the velvet' range. I only have one shade, Taupe Secret, and I love it and I'm under impression a lot of people like this line so why will they stop making it?

Next is super popular highlighter and Essence felt the need to stop making it. Why? I have never take the time to swatch it and see if it really is so amazing but if it will convince me I might pick it up but I have a felling they will be sold out before they will go on sale. I can already see all the girls stocking up.

And for last I saved some nail polishes. Last year I have been really good (I used up completely 20 bottles and bought only 9) so I might treat myself with some beauties. First is just gray but I don't have such a light grey color and I love these shades on my nails, I think it could easily get in my top 5 colors. The next two bottles are from the porcelains line (the entire line and also the whites are saying goodbye) and this cut was the hardest because I want nearly all of the shades but at the end I settled for two. Lavender which is my favorite shade to wear on my nails and mint, because I don't have that many.

This is my wishlist, did you already did yours? Or you will skip everything altogether and save your money for the new stuff?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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