31 July 2020



it is the end of another month and time to talk about my finished products. I gathered quite a lot of products today but I don't need to run to the store and buy more, I already have products ready to jump on their places and there is no need of buying more at the time.

Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation in Light Beige is a staple in my collection. Easy to spread (it is pretty liquid) the shade matches me and the coverage is buildable so it fits my skin needs, no matter if it is super blemished or getting clearer. I'm already using a new bottle.

Pflanzen kosmetik von Mueller Dog Rose oil was nice. I like to use some kind of Rose oil in my night routine because it soothes my sensitive skin and after using it regularly it tones down the redness in my skin. I also tried to use it as my make-up remover and it is not doing it, I will stick to my Jojoba oil for that. 

Next are three eye creams and none of them was anything special so I won't be buying them again. First is this Balea Aqua eye roll which I had for years. It has a metal ball at the end and it felt nice to apply but the texture of the product is super thin and I didn't get much nourishing properties out of it. It feels like the product inside was only to keep the metal ball running and did nothing to my skin.

Himalaya under eye cream was an impulse purchase because I have tried some really nice Himalaya products and I had high hopes for this one. This one feels like a proper cream but after it absorbed my skin didn't felt moisturized enough, it didn't wow me.

The last one is this Revuele eye serum with vitamin C. I hoped for a lighter texture so I could use it in the morning under my make-up. It is a clear gel that absorbs fast into the skin and out of the three I liked this one the most but I will try something else next time to see if there is something better out there.

There is this big and famous pot of The Body Shop Honeymania body butter. I remember people talking about it back in the days (I believe it is discontinued now) and I ordered it online before there was even a store in my country. The scent was really lovely, more floral than honey like but still very enjoyable. I used up every last bit of it and now I move to something a bit lighter in texture for the Summer.

Next are two Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in Romantic and Honey. Super popular but now no one talks about them. I initially bought the red one for myself and pink for my sister but after purchasing them I forgot about them so then I just decided to keep both. They were a bit minty which is a plus in my books (they could have even stronger minty feel in my opinion) and the colors were buildable. Warm red was really nice on me but I had some 'difficulties' with the pink Honey shade. On me it always turn bright pink instead of staying modest and barely there. I still use both of them quite a lot, especially because I had to keep reapplying them. Lip stains? Not on my lips, they disappear quite fast so I won't even bother checking other shades or buy some more.

The very last item is this Avon glimmerstick lip liner in Clear. I only use clear lip liner for 'sealing' my lips. When I don't take a proper care of my lips they get dry and flakey, that is when I incorporate clear lip liner. The waxy texture seals the texture so the colored lip product that I apply on top glides smoother. I find some sort of a clear liner essential in my collection but at the moment I have none and I'm just trying to find something new until the Winter.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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