15 July 2020



I have been very excited for this empties, mostly because a lot of these I finished up quite early into the month so all of these empty tubes and bottles were sitting on my shelf for a while now and now I get to toss all of them.

First I have two bottles of toner from Milnica and this time I choose Linden hydrolate. I grew up drinking tea made out of Linden and I love the scent. I read on their page that this product is especially recommended for sensitive, quickly irritated skin with acne problems and that describes my skin to the T. I poured this into a spray bottle so I can refresh in the morning or evening. I love spraying my toner on my face and then follow with my creams and oils. I like this very much and I can see myself repurchasing it in the future.

Balea Iced Strawberry body wash was an impulse purchase. I think it was also on sale because they were discontinuing this LE. It smelled more like Raspberries or a mix of different Forest Berries with some cream added to the top. I liked it but it wasn't anything special.

Next product isn't completely finished but it started to separate so I feel like it is all gone. It is Isadora face perfect primer. It is silicone based and fills in my pores and imperfections well but when I'm putting my foundation on top it can't sink into my skin because of the barrier. I always thought that silicone primers are perfect for my oily skin but I slowly started to realize that I was wrong. My make-up just doesn't look seamless with silicone primer underneath, I think it looks very obvious and sometimes cake-y and my foundation starts to shift around when my oils do come through. I think for now I will avoid silicon primers altogether.

This next tube is one of my favorite hand creams and it is not a surprise that it is from Avon care. It is their 'newer' restoring moisture hand cream with Coconut. I was scared that it might be too sweet or weird scented but it is actually very mild and barely there. It does have a distinct Coconut scent but not sweet like some candy. It sink into my skin fast and nourish my poor hands. I kept it at work and all of my coworkers kept borrowing it so I think that is a good sign  ;)  I already have a new one.

The very last bottle is this Batiste Fruity & Cheeky Cherry dry shampoo. My favorite is still Peony one but this is nice as well. I think the formula is practically the same. It is a bit powdery white, so a good shake is necessary but it covers my oily scalp for a whole day and then in the evening I wash it off just like I do with any other dry shampoo. I never go to bed with dry shampoo on my hair, it is a pet peeve of mine. I just can't but I like to use them to freshen my hair for the day. At the moment I have my favorite Peony one but I can see myself repurchasing this Cherry one again to mix it a bit.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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