16 July 2020

Avon Mark lip Prism lipsticks


today is going to be a lipstick post. I figure it out that I still have a lot of lipsticks that I haven't properly tested or shown on my blog yet.

Avon Mark lip Prism lipsticks came out a while ago and I bought them immediately. I did start to use them quite soon but wasn't ready to show them up here until now.

First one is called Aura On, slightly deeper is Nude Eclipse and the last peachier number is Interstellar Love.

What I like about them is that they are very glossy and comfortable on the lips. My favorite kind of a lipstick formula.
They have very strong melon scent which I find to be very nice. I think as of lately more brands make fruitier scents opposed to typical vanilla/caramel ones and I like the shift.

The packaging is flashy with its dark purple with tiny red shimmer but the glimmer isn't only on the outside, these lipsticks are also packed with shiny particles which isn't very noticeable on the photos but in real life they are very sparkly.

Aura On surprised me because I thought that I will receive pink shade but my disappointment was short because this type of Coral is exactly the shade I was looking for for a while now.

It is bright but not too flashy, it helps brighten up my complexion and looks very summery. The shimmer in this one is gold and pink.

Next is Nude Eclipse which is a bit darker out of the two and leans towards pink. It is a bit darker than my skin tone and it makes my lips stand out a bit more.

The shimmer in this one is not gold and pink but silver and pink and I like that they didn't make it too warm because nobody likes yellow teeth  ;)

The last one, Interstellar Love, is very light but I think it is not too pale for me. It is very easy to wear but I still have to be careful because it is very pigmented and if I go over the lines it is obvious.

This one too has silver and pink shimmer which prevent the slightly peachy undertone to overpower and make it more neutral toned.

All in all they aren't the most long lasting lipsticks out there but I much prefer creamy almost glossy feeling which also moisturizes my dry lips. I don't need to use lip balm with these and in my books that is a plus. They are packed with glitter and I wish they would use smaller dose but probably that is the main factor why they look so glossy on the lips. When the color wears off I am left with shimmery lips which again isn't my favorite look but I still love them and are some of my favorites. I don't have a favorite shade, I love them all even though the nudes are super similar I can't choose between the two.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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