17 July 2020

Cosnova PR gift for the Summer


today I feel extra Summery and so are these two products form Cosnova that I received as a PR.
They are both limited editions and helps you get ready for hot Summer days.

First is Catrice Sungasm Summer Glow Make-up setting Mist. I expected to have shimmer in it but fortunately it doesn't. It makes my skin look a bit more glowy/oily but I put powder on top for extra fix. I use it every day before I go to work and I wear face mask at work on and off and whenever I spray it on I feel like my make-up last longer/looks better than on the days I don't. Also I can see less foundation on my mask when I do spray it on. I am convinced that it helps prolong my make-up and I already jumped into the store and grabbed a back up of it even though it has a weird Coconut scent (a bit fake and almost plastic like, it does fade quickly so it doesn't bother me too much but I would prefer it without this fragrance).

Second is Essence Bronze This Way Shimmering Body Oil which has the same plastic-y Coconut scent but this one lingers for a while. This really looks very orange/gold and I was a bit intimidated by it because I'm so pale but if I apply little and spread it evenly the darker color doesn't show up. As you can see on the photo it is very shimmery and sparkly on the skin, nice for these bright full of Sun days if that is your jam. I do use it on my arms and legs every day but with the amount that I use (very little) it will last me at least for two Summers.

Thank you Cosnova for sending me these two products.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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