11 July 2020

more lip balms


I have been testing some lip balms lately and while I very much liked the Biobaza ones I just had to try some more from my extensive collection of lip balms.

First is Kneipp Elderberry, Bebe Honey repair balm and EOS Sugarplum lip balm. To  me they all have a very similar formula and that is also the reason why I decided to show them all together.

Kneipp Elderberry has very nice packaging. The bottom feels like corkscrew but they used grass to make it and I think it is a very cool idea. There are a couple of other versions but I choose this one because it sounded unique and I love to drink syrup or tea made out of Elderberry blooms. I was a bit disappointed because the scent is nothing like the blossoms. It is a bit more green and natural. Not bad but I expected something sweeter. If I will ever repurchase it again I will get a different scent.

The cute bees are from Bebe Honey repair balm and this smells like the real deal (I hopped that the Biobaza Honey &Ginger lip balm would smell like that). This one is definitely for to ones with a sweet tooth. It is so easy to enjoy and surprisingly there aren't that many Honey scented lip balms out there.

The dark purple on is from EOS and it is their Sugarplum lip balm. In the past I had two sphere balms from them but I threw them away, they were so hard and waxy, way too much for me and I didn't have a feeling they did much. This one in a stick format is very different and much better for me. The scent is just like a sweet plum and I love it but I find out that they don't make it anymore so I guess I will have to get something else the next time.

All three are on the softer side but not so soft that they would melt in your pocket. I usually glide two or three time over my lips and get enough product on my lips to protect and nourish them (unlike the Labello or EOS ball balms where I was vigorously rubbing them and nothing stick onto my lips). I was wearing and testing all three on its own all day long and my lips felt and looked healthy and well taken care of.
They didn't make it on my top list but are very nice (one of my top two lip balms just got discontinued and I can't find it anywhere so I guess now I have only one balm that is simply the best). I would repurchase all three again (Kneipp and EOS in different scents) because having only one lip balm is a bit repetitive and I would get sick of it very fast.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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