14 July 2020

Catrice matt pro ink non-transfer liquid lipsticks


this post is long overdue (like many others) especially because I got them as a PR gift when they came out. Now they aren't as 'fresh' but they are still interesting and worth looking into, at least in my opinion.

I received these Catrice matt pro ink non-transfer liquid lipsticks in Courage Code and I choose Passion.

The applicator is squashed and carries a lot of product, if you have big lips that is great but for us smaller gals... still it is not a big thing, I just wipe it off and adjust the right amount.
P.S. I noticed that my lips are very ticklish and when I am applying product like this and trying to touch my lips lightly it tickles me like crazy  :)  Anyone else with a similar 'problem'?

The colors are very pigmented and at first look like something I would not choose myself but then again, I am not a big fan of liquid lipsticks ether, so I was sceptical to say the least. I tip toed and tried them on lightly, with just a thin coat and that is also my preferred way to use them, more like lip stains...

They dry pretty fast and I have to be swift but also very careful, once I go over the lines it is very hard to remove/cover up.
Courage Code is very interesting brick red shade that looks amazing on me (my humble opinion) especially when I use a very light hand and super thin coat.
Dusty Rose is in the shade called I choose Passion. I like that isn't too bright but this shade reminded me of something else...

This L'oreal rouge signature liquid lipstick in the shade I Rule is very similar but the formulas are quite different. I have a full review of it here.

Here you can see that the I Rule is less pigmented, more liquid and therefore more manageable than the I choose Passion from Catrice.

I know that here they don't look that similar but I used one of them on one half of my lips and the other on the other side and shades looked super similar. The difference was with the L'oreal side that the shade was a bit less bright and not so dry (it takes quite a few minutes to completely dry) while Catrice one was dry instantly and a bit more vibrant.

Just because Catrice ones are more pigmented you have to be extra careful to apply them evenly and a couple of minutes after application they feel a bit sticky. When they dry they still leave a bit of a print on the glass but if I'm careful it is not too bad. On me if I apply too much it settles into my lines but a bit of rubbing them together disperses it nicely again (because they aren't completely matte). I like to tap a bit of lip balm over it because it is dryer formula and can feel a bit uncomfortable. A bit of color however always transfers onto my lip balm. I would say that they are nice semi matte liquid lipsticks, especially for people who don't like full on matte and dry lips. If I wouldn't have the L'oreal one I would totally keep both but since I prefer the L'oreal one a tad better I decided to pass the similar shade from Catrice I choose Passion to my sister but the Courage Code will stay with me at least for a while now.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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