31 December 2019



this is the last empties post for this year. Some more empties to throw away, clean my space and await the new year with less items ( I haven't rushed to the store and buy more because I already have similar products in my possession to replace these).

The first on the top is Avon anew clinical anti wrinkle crow's feet corrector with A-F 33 (this is supposed to be unique Avon ingredient to help fight aging). I noticed that if  used it closer to my eyes it would irritate them (I would apply it in the evening and by the morning my eyes would be red and itchy) so it is important to read and follow the instructions and apply it only on crow's feet and just leave it there. I still would often find it to be irritating so at the end I used it on my neck only.

In the glass bottle is Ombia cosmetics Hyaluron gel which I don't think it is available at he moment (they only bring it out a couple of times a year). This is my second bottle and if I will find it soon I will grab another one otherwise I will get something else. Hyaluron is supposed to bind with moisture and you should apply something moisturizing on top to lock it and keep it in the skin. I haven't noticed any big difference but is was nice to use under oils, which are a constant in my skin regiment, so I got used to it.

The next bottle is kind of hard to see what it so you will have to believe me that it is Afrodita cosmetics Great Burdock hair oil. This is a miracle oil that helps my hair grow faster. I suggest it to everyone I cross paths. I use it on my brows and scalp and after two to three applications I can already see some baby hair. I'm telling you, this is fantastic and I already have a new bottle ready.

The last item is another oil but it is for different purpose. It is Terra Naturi Wildrose body oil. I used it on its own or on top of body butters or lotions if I had a feeling if they didn't provide enough moisture on its own. The scent was a typical rose and to my nose very pleasant. I already have another rose oil from a different brand so I'm covered.

Another year has come to an end, thank you for following my ramblings and I wish you a happy new year.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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