15 December 2019



time for the empties and this will be my second to last post for this year but don't worry, next year I will start fresh ;)

First we have this gorgeous mascara from the Avon and it is their cult classic Supeshock mascara (the only one that my sister uses and mine version is in the LE packaging, otherwise it just comes in a simple black tube). I love how it separates my lashes without clumping them but it still makes them look voluminous. I already have a new tube ready to be used.

Next is  Catrice Eyeconista waterproof mascara. I had to get to use to it and especially to let it dry, I find that a lot of waterproof mascaras are very wet at first and that makes them hard to work with but once it dried down it was nice. I didn't use it on its own but rather as a topper to make every look waterproof (so nothing could catch me off guard  :).

The last item is my beloved Himalaya purifying neem foaming face wash. This face wash is one of the two that I love and is constantly in my rotation. At the moment I'm using the other one but if I will see it on sale I'm grabbing it for sure.

For the end I have two eye shadow palettes that aren't completely empty but due to their age they don't perform like they used to so I decided to part with them even though it is hard but I have other shadows that were left untouched because I was focusing on these two and if I don't use them they will also dry down like these two did.

First is Terra Naturi Coffee Party trio of what looks like the most boring selection of nudes but the finish is phenomenal, sateen and rich looking.

The first, lightest shade is my favorite but often I would just mix the two lightest shades together and the darker one I would place in the outer corner and be done. As of lately I have noticed that they dried and fallout on my cheeks wasn't pretty. I'm throwing this palette away but my heart still hurts. Swatches look nice but if I try to apply them with my brush on my small eyes it is a different story.

Catrice All about Nudes palette is an oldie but a goldie and as you can see I have a back up (brand new, completely untouched so throwing old and broken one away doesn't hurt me so much).
Towards the end I was only using the first two shades. First is golden shimmer and great for inner corners and second is close to my skin tone and again with beautiful sateen finish that can elevate every look (this one is completely gone). The rest are very dry and chalky (they were very nice at the beginning but as the years went by...), fallout is inevitable so I didn't touch them for the past few months.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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