17 December 2019

Project Polish


this will be my last Project Polish for this year and I'm wrapping it with the number 20 used up, thrown away (if they dried out) or passed down, if I didn't love it anymore. Here are the last three of them:

Dark green Essence Kiss under the mistletoe is a beautiful creme nail polish that I really liked wearing. At the moment I don't have anything similar but I have two shimmery, dark green nail varnishes that will somehow replace this one and the last one in the line.

In the middle is another Essence Snowflakes are kisses sent from heaven (this and the previous are from their 2014 advent calendar). It had hexagonal and bar glitters that pumped up every look but I'm quite happy that it is gone because I was getting quite sick of it.

The very last one is Depend Ocean green nail polish which is a beautiful holo goddess.

Here I swatched the two beautiful greens, Kiss under the mistletoe and Ocean Green. Essence one doesn't have glossy finish but that was easily fixed with a layer of top coat, it was very pigmented and that is probably the reason why it wasn't so very shiny. The Ocean Green had this beautiful holo finish that glow under the bright sun or indoors under the lights. I will truly miss this baby.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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