18 December 2019

Classic Aura


a couple of days ago I talked about one blush that scared me with its berry tone and I said that I don't like it in my blushes so I found out another blush in my collection that has berry tone to it that I completely forgot about it.

It is Avon Classic Aura blush in their typical square packaging (if you are like me and have some of their eye shadow palettes, sometimes it is hard to tell them apart).

Next to the blush you get this useless plastic-y brush but on the positive side they give you nice mirror inside.

The blush is pink with obvious berry tone, it did make my knees shake a bit when I saw it.

The color is nice but unfortunately not for my skin. It is quite bright and berry toned and I look like a clown because it is very hard to sheer it out.

It doesn't have any shimmer particles just smooth color. It is very pigmented and it gives me the idea that it was perhaps designed for darker skin tones... I can imagine someone with olive or even darker skin really rocking this blush.
I did pass it on to a friend and perhaps she will get some use out of it (I will rather use the Essence Befitting blush ;).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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