16 December 2019



blushes are little pans of joy in my opinion. They can make me look a bit healthier and awake and all in all make me happy, so when Essence started discontinuing all of their blushes we knew something was up. There are six shades in the range (fingers crossed for more shades) and I received one of them.

Essence the blush (very simple and straight to the point) named Befitting.

It is a rosey/toned down berry shade. At first I was a bit sceptical about the tone (these types of shades often turns berry on me and I don't like that) but as it turns out it is rosey and actually very natural looking shade on my pale complexion.

First swatch is heavy handed while the second one is a bit more blended and it shows how it looks on the cheeks. I love the shade because it is not too bright or berry but it still makes me look fresh and awake. This particular shade is matte but again it is not a flat matte (Essence does this matte finish so well) in fact I like it so much that I went to the store and picked up another shade which will be revealed soon ;)

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