19 December 2019

contour/bronzer duo


I'm back with another cheek product but this time it is a bronzer/contour duo. I think the point of this duo is to use the lighter shade around the contour (it should match your skin tone) and the darker one to apply at the hollows of your cheek bones but if you don't exactly match, then you have to get creative ;)

Essence contouring duo palette in the lighter skin version (there is one darker shade available).

At the first glance the darker contour shade looks a bit too warm for contouring and on the swatches I think you can see it so I use it as a bronzer and it is amazing for that.

The lighter shade matches my arm pretty well but on my face it is a tad too dark so I use it on my cheeks to lightly define my cheeks and then I go over it with the 'contour' shade which works beautifully as a bronzer. Layering the two shades makes the transition even more seamless  and more natural looking. The darker shade is pigmented but due to its lightness it is very nice for my fair complexion, it is hard to over do it and I love cheek products that are light because they are more manageable for me to use.

I am absolutely loving this duo and I feel comfortable applying it even in the poor light because the chances to get it wrong aren't very high. I know this sounds a bit weird but that is just how I like to roll with my make-up. I prefer fool prof items that help you make your make-up look as natural as possible while still let you define your favorite features and I think this baby does just that.
This product has been sent to me by lovely Essence PR team and I just can't thank them enough. This bronzer duo (at least for me it acts as a bronzer) skyrocketed to my top five bronzers and I hope they won't discontinue it soon.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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