26 December 2019

Rice oil


cold days are here and taking care of the exposed skin is a must. I'm into a big lip balm search and one of the balms I present today:

Essence my beauty ritual nourishing balm with Rice oil (there is also pink Cherry blossom and the one with Ginkgo extract which is slightly green).

It is clear and leaves my lips with slight shine. There is no scent or taste but sometimes (especially after reapplying/building up the product) there can be that bitter taste in my mouth (often lip products with SPF do this even though this one doesn't state that it has some protection).
To me this balm is very average. If my lips are dry it won't do much but if I constantly reapply they don't get chapped but that weird taste appears... I feel like I just can't win with it. It definitely isn't the best or the worst that I had but I also won't be buying other scents to try it out.
This balm was kindly sent to me by their PR team and I'm very grateful for receiving it because I was very interested in them when they came out but unfortunately it didn't wow me.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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